Become a best computer programmer in a few months

become a computer programmer

Are you a college student or a university student? Or you want to become a computer programmer because you are bored with your current job?

Well, No matter who you are but if you want to learn computer programming and you have not any idea how and where to learn to program, then this article is for you.

We will cover several topics that are related to programming. By the end of this article, you will get many answers to your question related to computer programming, web development, and mobile app development. Such as-

  • How to learn computer programming?
  • How to learn website design?
  • How to lean mobile app development?
  • Where to learn computer and web programming?

Also, we will let you know how many types of programmers are used to be, what kind of programming is best nowadays, and what skills you need to learn along with and particular programming language.

Before you know, how to become a best computer programmer in a few months, It is essential to know the real definition of it.

become a computer programmer

Who is a computer programmer?

In simple words, A computer programmer is someone who writes code to give instructions to the computer.

Yes, the computer doesn’t know what to do. A computer is just a machine that does not know anything. It could be get started and turn off but can not perform any action without a program.

So, a computer programmer writes programs for the computer, and according to the written program, a computer acts.

Computer programs are basically a set of instructions that a machine has to perform.

How computer programmers write code for the computer?

Well, In most cases; Computer programmers work under any organisation or company, where clients go and explain their requirement with software professionals.

Here, software professionals create a model for the project, and then they start writing code for the project.

A software professional could also be a programmer, and a programmer could also be a software professional.

Well, there are many types of software professionals like Software Analyst, Coder, and Tester.

Programmers are called coder, software developer and software engineer. But to get the status of a software engineer, you need to have a four-year degree in software engineering.

How to become the best computer programmer in a few months

Well, Learning programming is not that easy, but still, you can learn if you are passionate about it. Don’t get scared if I said learning to programme is not easy. It depends on you if you start leaning and enjoy then learning to code would be fun for you.

What if you don’t enjoy?

If you don’t enjoy it, then this field is not for you. As per my experience, when you start learning it, you will get bored very often but if you don’t quit, then the time will come when learning it would be fun for you also.

Step 1: Find the reason

It is always good to find the reason for anything that you are going to do. Some people learn computer programming to get a job, and others learn it because they want to create something.

It should always be your first step to decide the reason you want to learn computer programming, it is because it will help you to select the best programming language to start.

Different programming languages used for a different purpose. Like, if you want to create a web application, then you will have to learn programming languages are used to create a web application.

Step 2: Select best programming languages for you to learn

Now find what programming language you should learn, we have given some information about a few popular programming languages being used today.

Programming Languages and their uses-

C Programming

Many people consider that C programming should be the first language to learn to become a computer programmer, but It is not true in every case.

It depends on what you want to create if you’re going to develop an Android application, then you don’t need to learn C programming as your first language.

C Programming is mainly used to create system software like operating system and compiler, to develop application like spreadsheets and database managers, and it is also used to create graphics related application or games.

So, if you want to create system software or game, then, of course, C programming should be the first choice for you.


If you are listening to this name for the first time, then your reaction should be like this-

Hey, What is python? Is it a snake?

Well, No.

Python is a high level and general-purpose programming language. Beginners should learn Python programming because it is easy to learn, but It is very powerful also.

Python can be used for many purposes; I can say it is a multipurpose programming language. If you want to create a GUI application, then you can use python as well as it is used to create web applications, games, etc.,


Every website you visit has used HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are not programming languages, but HTML is Markup Language, and CSS is Style sheet. Both of these are the basic need of every website or web app.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)- HTML is a markup language in which we create documents that display on the web. We create an HTML document in a code editor.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)- CSS is used to provide a pretty look to an HTML document. Using CSS, you can add a beautiful design to any HTML element.

You can use CSS with HTML to change font style, provide beautiful background-colour and provide an excellent design to input form and for many more purposes.


Java is programming language sometime people call it Java technology. It is an object-oriented programming language. Java can be used for many purposes from creating a site for Railway to building an eCommerce site.

Java is also used to create desktop and mobile apps. It is the most popular programming language.

Learning Java can take you too much time because it is a big subject, but it always depends on you why you want to learn it. Java has many frameworks, and different framework is used for a different job. Such as- if you’re going to create a mobile app then there is the framework for the mobile app that is Java Android, but if you want to create a web app then you will have to learn JSP which is a Java framework also.

There are many more programming languages that you can learn-

  • JavaScript
  • Ruby on rails
  • Microsoft .Net
  • C++
  • C#
  • Go
  • Kotlin
  • Swift

Step 3: Start Learning

Yet you have you found the reason why you want to learn computer programming and have chosen what programming language you are going to learn.

So, now, the third step is to start learning today.

How could you learn computer programming for free?

Nowadays, there are many computer programming tutorials are freely available on the Internet. I’m going to provide you with the list of websites that offer free computer programming tutorials.

  • W3Schools (Website Design)
  • Javatpoint (App development, Website Design, Java, Python, C, C++)
  • Codecademy (Software Development, Java, Python, Website Design and Development)

These three websites provide great computer programming tutorial. Just select the programming language and keep learning.

The only method to become the best computer programmer in a few months is don’t make any gap and never give up.

When you start learning any skill, you face lots of difficulties, but because of it, you don’t need to give up. You can join Stack Overflow to get help from experts in your field.

Step 4: Create Projects

Once you learn any programming language then it very important to create something using it. Suppose, if you have learnt programming languages related to website design then you can create a website using it.

Also, if you have no idea how a project is developed then you can download the complete projects with source code and other files from the internet and study it.

If you are learning to program using platforms like then you don’t have to worry about project development because there are project development courses also on such platforms. But to get enrolled in project development course on Codecademy you may have to pay some bucks.

We hope this article is going to help you a lot, and if you have any question related to this article you can place a comment.

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