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GBWhatsApp For Android: Review and User Guide [2019]

By Team Fact For Geeks / September 15, 2019

Hello, Welcome to FactForGeeks.Com. In this article, we are going to share all the information related to the most popular text messaging Android application called GBWhatsApp.


GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version 2019

GBWhatsApp is another WhatsApp with many powerful and amazing features. In other words, We can say GBWhatsApp is a modified version of official WhatsApp.

In the world of technology, People are getting more creative and creating many amazing things with their creative minds. Here, GBWhatsApp is an example of someone’s creative mind because GBWhatsApp is not an official application. But It is created by someone else.

You may be thinking; If it is not an official app then It may be harmful?

But, You’re wrong.

It is as safe as WhatsApp Offical Is. So, you don’t have to worry about security. Millions of people are already using it.

The best thing about GBWhatsApp is that you can you both apps together at the same time and same device. Isn’t it great for you?

Now you can use Two WhatsApp applications on the same phone with Two mobile Numbers.

What is Anti-Ban GbWhatsApp?

Most of the WhatsApp users were facing Ban issue. The users who were using GbWhatsApp, their number was getting ban from using the App. But if you use Anti-Ban  GbWhatsApp then your number will not be banned on WhatsApp.

How to Download Anti-Ban WhatsApp?

Well, Ant-Ban GbWhatsApp is not available on Google Play Store. So, you will have to download to from third-party websites.

In such a case, you can download GbWhatsApp from our website. All you need to scroll down a little bit then you will find a green download button.

Why Use GBWhatsApp Latest Version?

You may have heard about this app; that’s why you are here to download It. But it is our job to let you aware of the feature that GBWhatsApp provides.

GBWhatsApp provides too many amazing features and privacy options from hiding online status, hiding double ticks, Auto reply to sharing contents to more several many people at once.

Official WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to share the same content at with many people and groups at once if you’re from India.

Features in GBWhatsApp Latest Version

GBWhatsApp is mostly famous for the features that it provides. If I talk about the best feature of GBWhatsApp, then I would say that “Group Video Calling” the most significant function that is provided by GBWhatsApp.

Why So?

It’s because, As a professional, Sometimes I need to have group discussions with my team. In such a case, GBWhatsApp Helps me a lot to do it very quickly.

Video calling feature in GBWhatsApp is not only helpful for professionals, but It is also handy for the students and the guys who are getting training of some technologies or learning any languages.

Group discussion is always an excellent tool for students and learners.

They can share their ideas by showing things graphically. Anyway, Our main topic is downloading GBWhatsApp and Installing It.

Privacy Features In GBWhatsApp Latest Version

Let us tell you some exciting key features in GBWhatsAPP Latest Version 2019.

First of all, we would start from Privacy features-

1. Hide Online Status- With the Help of GBWhatsApp, you can always hide online status.

2. Hide Blue Tick- When someone sends you a text message, and you read It then WhatsApp notifies him that you have read the message by showing double bluetick. You can hide this bluetick with the help of GBWhatsApp.

3. Hide Second Tick- When someone sends you a text message, and it gets delivered to you, then WhatsApp notifies him why showing him a second tick. You can turn it off or hide it if you are using GBWhatsApp.

4. Hide Writing Status- When you’re chatting with someone and writing a text message what shows “Typing” Status. You can hide it too. Just Download GBWhatsApp from our website and install it onto your Android device.

5. Hide Recording Status- While having voice chat, When you record your message, then GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp shows “recording” status. You can hide it also if you have installed GbWhatsApp in your device.

6. Hide Blue Microphone- When someone sends you a voice note and you play it then WhatsApp notifies the sender by showing Blue Microphone symbol.

7. Hide View Status-  When we see or watch someone’s status video or image then uploader can quickly get to know who has seen or watched his status, but it can be hidden with GBWhatsApp.

8. Enable Anti Revoke- There is a feature in GBWhatsApp that help you to read deleted messages, and this feature is called Anti Revoke. With the help of anti revoke, you can prevent your friends from deleting sent messages after sending it to you.

Some Other features in GBWhatsApp latest version 2019

So far you have seen some excellent privacy features in GBWhatsApp, And now we are going to tell you about some fabulous feature of GBWhatsApp.

Auto Reply feature in GBWhatsApp [APK]

In GBWhatsApp you can set an auto-reply message. Suppose, you’re a school or college student and your college or school timing is 10 to 4 then when you leave from your home to your college or school, you can set an auto-reply message like “Hey, I’m in college right now, I will be available after 4.”

Isn’t it a great feature for you?

WhatsApp Attitude Status

Add Stickers from third-party apps

We talk about stickers in WhatsApp or GBWhatsApp then we can find numbers of stickers provided by these apps in their stickers library.

But, that’s not enough for many of us because there are people who love to send stickers a lot. They are habitual of sending good morning stickers and good evening stickers on a daily bases. So, don’t they need so many stickers?

In such a case they can Install and use third-party stickers providing applications like GBWhatsApp Stickers Plus App.

Download Status of your friends

If you are using GBWhatsApp then you can download an image or video status of friends and upload it as your own status.

Isn’t it a cool feature?
Sometimes when you watch a video status of your friends and you like that status very much and you wish, you could also get and set that status as yours. So, In this case, you download status of your any friends and can set it as your status.

Enabled Forward limits for Indian users

If you are from Indian then you may have to face a problem these days and that problem is you can’t send one message to more than five contacts or groups from your WhatsApp, But if you are using GBWhatsApp then you can easily send one message to many contacts at once.

This is one more reason to download GBWhatsApp over official WhatsApp for Indian WhatsApp users.

DND mode

It’s great for them who feel disturbed when they get lots of WhatsApp messages. Yes, If you’re one of them who get disturbed when they get lots of WhatsApp messages then Download GBWhatsApp latest official version from our website and Install It.

When you activate DND mode in GBWhatsApp, The internet accessibility get disconnected from the App.

So Download GBWhatsApp Offical version from here.

Message Scheduler

Message scheduler is one more awesome feature in GBWhatsApp, you can schedule a message for a contact to send it to him on a particular time.

It can we valuable for alerts, and birthday wishes.

So, Download GBWhatsApp latest version to get the message scheduler feature.

Custom Themes

This is also a cool feature in GBWhatsApp. Yes, If you download GBWhatsApp latest version and install It on your device, you get a library of themes included in GBWhatsApp.

Always Online

GBWhatsApp provides a feature to set last seen status as always “online”. With the help of a few privacy settings, you can set your last seen status as always online.

Want this feature?

No Ban Problem With GBWhatsApp

You may have heard people saying “If you use GBWhatsApp your mobile number will be banned by WhatsApp team. This is totally fake news.

Your number will not be banned if you use GBWhatsApp in a proper way.

Installation Guide GBWhatsApp Latest Version APK 2019

As you know, In this article we are covering how to download and install GBWhatsApp Latest version 2019 APK. So, you can follow our complete installation guide GBWhatsApp.

  1. Download GBWhatsApp from the “Download” button on our website.
  2. Go to Downloads folders inside your mobile phone or any Android device
  3. Now You will find GBWhatsApp inside your downloads folder, Tap on that to install.
  4. Now the installation process will get started and you will find an Install button tap on that.
  5. Tap on install
  6. Now GBWhatsApp will ask you some accessibility permissions like contact accessibility and gallery accessibility etc. Give the permissions and Press Next-Next button.
  7. All Done!!

Once the installation process gets completed then open GbWhatsApp in your device. Now It will ask you for the number.

To use GBWhatsApp Follow The Process

  • Open WhatsApp and enter your phone number
  • Now, GBWhatsApp will verify your phone number by sending an OTP to your mobile number
  • If you are using the number on the same phone in which you have installed GBWhatsApp then It will confirm it automatically otherwise you will have to verify OTP manually.
  • All Done!! Now, Your GBWhatsApp is ready to be used

How to Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version

Although It’s a great application with lots of features that you can’t find in official WhatsApp, You can’t find this app on google play store.

So, How and Where to Download It?

Well, you can download GBWhatsApp Official application from our website. All you have to do is to tap on the download button anywhere on our website.

Once you click or tap on the “Download GBWhatsApp” button, the APK file of GBWhatsApp will begin download into your phone.

Download it from here

App NameGBWhatsApp
Version Always Latest
Size of APK52MB
RootNot Necessary
Cost of the App Free
OS Android

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp

If I talk about myself, I was so scared before installing this app GBWhatsApp. There were so many questions in mind like – Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp?
Can GbWhatsApp steal data from my phone?
Can GBWhatsApp be harmful to my device?

I got the answer to all these questions after I started using it. Trust me guys GbWhatsApp is as secure as WhatsApp but you need to download it from a trusted source.

How to Update GBWhatsApp?

Updating GBWhatsApp is very different from the official WhatsApp application. This is because the official WhatsApp is available on Google Play so you can update it from there. But in the case of GbWhatsApp, you will have to download the latest version and install it again.

FAQ about GBWhatsApp

Is GBWhatsApp safe?

Yes, It is safe. We can say GBWhatsApp is as safe as Official WhatsApp. So, you don’t have to worry about safety.

Can I use GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp together in a single mobile?

Yes, Of course. You can download and use GBWhatsApp along with WhatsApp or WhatsApp plus.

Can I set the password for Chats in GBWhatsApp?

Yes, you can set a password for GBWhatsApp and single chats.

Taken 3 APK Latest Version

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