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Download Tekken 3 APK Latest Version 2019 – Tekken 3 APK 2019

Download TEKKEN 3 APK

Download Tekken 3 APK Latest Version 2019 – Tekken 3 is one of the best arcade game of its time. And It’s available for Android Platform Now.

Tekken 3 has always been one of the best games in the universe of gaming, and It’s loved by many. The Real mind behind Tekken 3 is Namco but according to reports Tekken 3 for Android platform is not developed by him, but anyhow It’s available for Android users.

From our website, you can easily download then Tekken 3 APK for Android, and you can play it on your phone or Android Emulators.

Download TEKKEN 3 APK

Download Tekken 3 APK Latest Version 2019

It’s your lucky day If you have ever been one of three PlayStation owners who has played, seen or at least has listened about Tekken 3.

Tekken 3 is one of the best fighting games have ever released by the date. So, Get Ready To Play.

And for the game lovers who have played this game on other devices, Tekken 3 for Android will not disappoint you at all.

If you want some more information about the game (Tekken 3), then don’t forget to visit It’s Wikipedia Page Tekken 3.

The gameplay of Tekken 3 APK Latest Version

If you have ever played this game on PlayStation, you may be knowing that Firstly You have to choose a player that fight and you control him, and It’s the same process as It was on PlayStation.

The Controls of this game can be easily understood by anyone who has played this game on any device or even not. Initially, you may have a little difficulty in control, but after a few tries, you will be able to play like a pro.

The best thing about the game Tekken 3 is Its speed in which the game runs. When you press your fingers for any move, it seems every move is flying directly from your fingers. Isn’t it amazing?

As you’re here to download Tekken 3 for Android, We can guess that you may be fighting games lover. And you may have played many fighting games like Tekken 3 for Android; While playing such games, you must have noticed that when you pressed any button for action or move it takes a while to execute that move, but in Tekken 3 for Android, there is no such issue.

While playing the game Tekken 3 for Android, you will feel like real fighting between you and your opponent fighters. Isn’t it Great?

I promise, When you play Tekken 3 for Android you will feel that there is no lag between you press a button for an action/move and real action or move.

Graphics in Tekken 3 APK Latest Version for Android

As a game lover, you must know that to get a great graphics experience you have to use extra add-ons on your phone but Its great a piece of news for you that you don’t have to take help of any additional add-on for Tekken 3 latest version for android.

While playing the game called Tekken 3 for Android, you will notice that all the characters in the game and their movements are natural and fluid. If you’re setting back and watching someone playing this game, you will get a great experience.

In Tekken 3 all the characters react like real and natural. What you need else from a mobile game?

Hardware Requirement for Tekken 3 APK

  • Device Type – Mobile
  • RAM – At Least 1 GB
  • OS – Android
  • Screen- Supports all the screen sizes
  • Taken 3 Download Size – 21.2 MB

As you’re here to download an Android game then definitely the device type gonna be “Mobile Device” and If we talk about memory then there should be at least 1 GB of RAM in your mobile device. To get the best performance from your mobile device, you need the right amount of memory into your phone; It is not just for Tekken 3  but for other mobile apps too. If we talk about screen size for Tekken 3 APK for Android, then you don’t have to worry if your smartphone’s screen size is a bit small because of Tekken 3 APK for android supports the Android devices with all the screen sizes.

Tekken 3 File Information

Application NameTekken 3
Application Versionv1.1
Updated onOctober 2018
Original DeveloperBandai Namco

How to Download Tekken 3 APK Latest Version

You can download Tekken 3 APK latest version for your android device from our site. We have given the download link below the article.

All you need to do is Scroll down and look at the Download Tekken 3 APK Latest Version heading section and tap on the button.

Once you tap one Download Tekken 3 APK Latest Version heading section’s “Download” Button you will be redirected to a website called ‘MediaFire’ where you will get a button to download Tekken 3 APK.

  Download Tekken 3 APK latest Version   

How To Install Tekken 3 APK

It’s not challenging to Install Tekken 3 APK. You can install it as you Install other APK files.

When the download completes tap on the Tekken 3 APK file, then the Installation file will ask some permission from your end, give necessary permission to the Tekken 3 App and wait for a while (Probably 10 to 15 seconds).

Once APK file get Installed on your device, You will get a home screen of the game like this-

Download Tekken 3 APK

Now if you want to make any changes in settings then tap on the setting button, or you can start playing the game by tapping on the Play button.

Some screenshot of Tekken 3 game-

Image 1:

T3kken 3 APK Download 2019


Image 2:

Tekken 3 APK 2019

Download Tekken 3 APK Latest Version


   Download Tekken 3 APK

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