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Become a best computer programmer in a few months

By Team Fact For Geeks / November 14, 2019

Are you a college student or a university student? Or you want to become a computer programmer because you are bored with your current job? Well, No matter who you are but if you want to learn computer programming and you have not any idea how and where to learn to program, then this article […]


Find Gmail Id and Password Associated With Mobile Number

By Team Fact For Geeks / September 29, 2019

Most of us use two or more Email or Gmail accounts just like mobile numbers, One for official works and another for personal work. But when you forget your mobile number, then you don’t have to worry because you can get the number by just calling on another number or even there are customers care […]


What is the meaning of RIP in Hindi – RIP का मतलब | RIP full Form in Hindi

By Team Fact For Geeks / March 2, 2019

Meaning of RIP in Hindi |RIP का मतलब – दोस्तों, इंटरनेट की लोकप्रियता इतनी बढ़ गई है कि हम इंटरनेट के बिना रह नहीं पाते, और बढे भी क्यों नहीं? Internet  हमारा मनोरंजन करने के साथ-साथ हमे बहुत कुछ सिखाता है या सीखने में मदद करता है। आज एक ऐसे ही Topic के बारे में […]


What is an ATM and What is the full form of ATM?

By Team Fact For Geeks / February 27, 2019

What is ATM and What is the full form of ATM?– In this Article, we are going to write many facts about ATM, like What does ATM stand for, Full form of ATM, the meaning of ATM etc., We don’t think there is an adult who hasn’t used an ATM card or ATM Machine at […]


India का फुल फॉर्म क्या है, और भरत का नाम India कैसे पड़ा।

By Team Fact For Geeks / February 26, 2019

Full form of India in Hindi | India का Full Form एवं भारत का नाम India कैसे पड़ा- आप ये लेख हिंदी में पढ़ रहे हैं इसका मतलब ये हैं की आप एक भारतीय हैं, और एक भारतीय होने के नाते आपको तो पता ही होगा अपने देश भारत के कई नाम हैं। जैसेकि – भारत, हिंदुस्तान, […]

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