Install and Use JioTV on Laptop or PC 100% Working Methods

Play JioTV on computer

Install and Use JioTV on Laptop or PC 100% Working Methods- Do love to watch TV channels or TV Shows? But have a problem with watching it when you are not in front of the TV and have access to your smartphone?

Do you use JioTV app in your smartphone but want to access it on your PC or Laptop?

Well, this article is all about it.

In this article, we are going to let you know how to Install and use JioTV on your Laptop or PC.

For the readers who don’t know what is JioTV, we would like to let them know what is JioTV then we will move towards our main topic How to Install and Use JioTV on Laptop or PC.

Play JioTV on computer

What is JioTV?

JioTV is an Android mobile application that supports almost all platforms from Android to iOS. JioTV offers you to watch the widest range of TV channels online.

JoiTV is developed by Reliance Jio Infocomm limited for its Jio mobile network users but nowadays anyone can use it without any problem but there are some tricks for it that we are not covering in this article but we have covered it in another post.

Using JioTV you can watch your favorite sports channel or movie channels too.

If you want to download JioTV then click on the link below-

Download JioTV for Android Platform

Download JioTV for iOS platform

..or if you want to install and use JioTV on your laptop or pc the read the article.

Download JioTV for Laptop or PC – JioTV for PC

Guys, of course, you can use JioTV on your Laptop or PC but you can’t download JioTV for Laptop or PC. Yes, the owners of the app don’t provide the directly installable/executable file for laptop or computer.

But Still,

You can install JioTV on your computer and enjoy watching TV channels.

Install JioTV on your laptop or Computer

You may be thinking that If the installable file of JioTV doesn’t available then how can you install it on our computer?

Well, No Problem.

There are some amazing tricks that will help you to do it.

Here, We are going to share some tricks by following these you will be able to to use JioTV on your computer or laptop.

Method 1: Install JoiTV for PC using Droid4X Emulator

JioTV for PC

As we have already told you there is no JioTV for PC. Therefore, if you want to download JioTV for PC then you will have to install an Emulator into your PC.

How Droid4x Emulator will help you to download JioTV for PC?

Well, Once you download the emulator on your computer then you will be able to install android apps on your PC.

Follow the steps below for JioTV for PC

  1. Download Droid4x on your PC
  2. When the executable file of Droid4X gets downloaded into your computer then double click on the file.
  3. Install it as you install other programs or software into your computer.
  4. When Droid4x gets installed into your pc then get ready to use JioTV on PC. Open the Droid4x application on your computer. Make sure you have opened Droid4x application itself, not Droid4x Multi-manager.JioTV for PC
  5. When Droid4x gets open then you will get an interface like this-Download JioTV for PC
  6. Now, Log in to Google Play and install JioTV into the emulator and start using it.

This is how you can install JioTV on your Computer.

Method 2: Install JoiTV for PC using Bluestacks Emulator

Install JioTV into Computer

Bluestacks Eliminator is an Android App Player which supports almost all the versions of Windows OS. Bluestack is an alternative of Droid4x.

But, there are differences between both programs and these differences are-

  • Droid4x is a lightweight android emulator but Bluestacks is heavier than Droid4x.
  • You can easily run Droid4x on a PC which contains 2GB of RAM but if you want to use Bluestacks then you need to have at least 4GB of RAM into your PC.
  • Bluestacks is great for gaming.

Follow the steps to install Bluestacks Emulator on your PC to use JioTV on your computer-

  1. Download Bluestacks in your PC.
  2. Install it as you install other executable files into your PC.
  3. Now Open the Bluestack Program.
  4. Open Google Play.
  5. Install JioTV in the emulator.
  6. Make sure you have connected your PC to the Internet using JioFi or Jio Hotspot.
  7. Open JioTV and Login It using your Jio Number and Password. If you have not created an yet the sign up for JioTV using your mobile number.
  8. Now, Enjoy JioTV on your PC.

Method 3: Visit JioTV Website

JioTV for PC – There is one more method to use JioTV on your computer that is the official website of JioTV. Yes, there is an official website of JioTV on the internet.

But, before you visit there to try to watch a TV channel, It’s important to let you know that this website is working fine but you can’t watch TV channel on the website yet. However, we guess the website is going to give you the accessibility of the channels soon.

Official Website of JioTV for PC – Visit JioTv


JioTV Website

Many people are trying to find JioTV website for streaming movies, TV Series, and Shows. But the truth is that you can find JioTV website easily but you can watch movies and series on the JioTV website. The official JioTV website’s URL is

Well, if you are streaming lover and looking for a timepass website then there are hundreds of free online streaming platforms available on the Internet where you can watch Internation TV Shows and Web Series, not just TV Shows and web series but movies also. Until JioTV’s website is ready for streaming, you can try Putlocker.

Putlocker is the world’s famous free online streaming service provider. Putlocker has more than 100 TV Series and more than a thousand of movies listed on the website.

Some Q/A about JioTV (Based on search)

Q- How to access JioTV on PC?

A- To access JoiTV on your computer using the website, you need to have a PC or Laptop with an Internet connection.

Q- JioTV for PC is free or paid?

A-It’s free of cost yet.

Q- Can I use JioTV on my Laptop?

A- Yes, You can use JioTV on your Laptop.

Q- How can I use JioTV on Laptop?

A- Follow The methods we have provided above in this article.

Q- How to use JioTV web version?

A- JoiTV web version doesn’t work yet.

Q- How to use JioTV web version without Jio number?

A- As we already have told you that JioTV web version is not working yet. So, this question can not be answered this time.

Q- Number of JioTV channels?

A- There are 600+ TV channels are available on JioTV in more than 15 languages.

Q- How to install JioTV on PC without Bluestacks?

A- If you don’t want to install JioTV using Bluestacks then you can use alternatives like Droid4x and Nox.

Q- How to Play JioTV on PC without Emulator?

Answer- There are many people who don’t want to use an emulator on their computer to play JioTv on PC and the reason is that some emulators affect PC’s performance.

If you are one of them who don’t like to install emulators because of its bad effect of computer performance then you don’t have to worry, Droid4x  emulator doesn’t affect your PC’s performance much.

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