Ubuntu Install Pip in Easy Steps

Ubuntu Install pip

Installing Pip on Ubuntu System is a very simple task. Before you install it on your system let us share some important information about pip. Pip is nothing but a tool that is used for installing Python packages. Using pip you can search, download and install python packages from a package index PyPi. PyPi generally … Read more

How to Install Wine on Ubuntu

Install Wine on Ubuntu

Installing wine on Ubuntu or any Unix-like operating system is a simple process simultaneously; it can be a little bit difficult for some users. In this post, you will learn how to Install Wine’s latest version on Ubuntu System using Terminal, also known as the command line. Also, you are going to learn how to … Read more

Ubuntu Network Configuration

Ubuntu Network Configuration

If you are an Ubuntu or any other Linux distro user it is important to you to have knowledge of Network Configuration. Because you never know when you will be facing any issue with your Internet connection. And for fixing problems related to network configuration settings you should have proper knowledge about it. In this … Read more

How to Uninstall Programs From Ubuntu

Uninstall Programs From Ubuntu

Are you a new Ubuntu user and you don’t know how to uninstall programs from Ubuntu operating system. well, if so then after going through this tutorial you will be able to remove programs from Ubuntu using both command (Terminal) and graphical user interface (software manager). Let’s learn how to uninstall software in Ubuntu. Before … Read more