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Putlocker Website and Its Top Alternatives [No Sign-Up or Login]


Putlocker in the most famous free online streaming platform in the USA, UK, and Canada. If you are someone who is a huge fan of watching movies online but you have to buy the subscription of online streaming platforms so that you can enjoy watching movies only for a month then you must be instructed to know about Putlockers and other websites like Putlockers. After reading this article completely you will get to know about 20 Putolockers Alternative and these all 20 Putolockers Alternative are free online streaming platforms.

Putlocker Alternative Websites

Watching movies and TV shows are the most amazing way of entertainment for everyone. No matter who you are and whats your age but you can watch movies, web series and tv shows online for entertainment.

Putlocker Online Streaming Platform Introduction

Putlocker is an online streaming platform just like Netflix. But there is a huge difference between Putlocker Sites and Netflix and that is free vs paid. Putlockers site is a free platform but Netflix is paid. This means for streaming movies on the platformers like Netflix you will have to buy monthly or yearly subscription.

Another big difference between Putlocker sites and Netflix- Netflix has a much bigger content database for its worldwide users. But on the other hand, Putlocker’s alternative sites have a database for a limited audience. Netflix is a global platform and it has movies, web series and shows in many languages for many countries. But on the most numbers of Putlocker Websites and its alternatives the movies, web series and shows are for English audiences only.

Note: Putlocker sites provide pirated content but websites like Netflix and Hotstar provide 100% original content and they buy rights of the movies that are available on the websites but Putlocker and most of its alternative sites do not buy rights of the movies and web series.

How do Putlocker Make Money?

https://putlocker.com provides its services free of cost to its users. So, you may be curious to know how does a Putlocker makes money to pay bills related to its business? Well, the question is valid. Other online streaming platforms sell subscriptions to the visitors to make money but Putlocker does not ask you to pay any single buck.

So how do video streaming websites make money if they provide its services for free?

By Placing video ads

You may have noticed when you play video on YouTube, you get a video ad before the actual video gets start. In such a way, YouTube and other video streaming websites like Putlockers also make money. In every business, money is the most essential thing.

There are many video advertising companies are available on the internet today. If you are planning to start a web streaming service then you can tie-up with them to monetize your website.

There are also another method to monetize video streaming sites like-

  • By selling Ad space on the website
  • By placing link Ads (Media.net can be used for this purpose)
  • By adding Popup Ads

So these are top methods of monetizing any video streaming website. I guess you may also want to know how to create an online streaming website.

How Can you Create an Website Like Putlocker (https://putlocker.com)?

Do you also want to create a website like Putlocker? Or do you want to know the process only? Well, I do not know the reason but I am going to explain how a website like Putlocker created or developed. After going through this section you will be understood ‘How a video streaming website gets created’.

To create a website like Putlockers you need to know some programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Back-end programming languages. These programming languages are part of Web Development.

You can learn these programming languages online or you can take formal training. There are many institutes in every city provide training for web development you can join such Institutes.

But In the case, if you want to learn it online then websites like may Udemy, Codecademy, and Team Tree House can help you to learn it. These websites have complete courses on web development. You can join any course which has good ratings. Once you learn it, you can create a website like putlockers9.

Once you will complete learning web development you will have complete idea of creating not just video streaming sites but also any kind of website.

What Are The Safe Ways to Watch Movies, Web Series and TV Shows Online?

You don’t have to care about free and paid only but you need to care about Safety, Security and Privacy also. For you, It is very important to know that using Putlocker sites is either safe for you or not. Putlocker alternatives provide copyrighted materials, which is not a legal thing.

So, Should you use Putlocker and Putlocker Alternative Sites?

The simple answer is- Big NO!!

If you care about rules and regulations then you should avoid using such websites that pirated materials. But still, putlocker gets millions of traffic on their website it means despited being illegal millions of people using it for streaming websites online.

Putlocker websites are banned in some countries by the government and have been issued notice using such websites can be harmful for the uses. And the reason behind it is, the fake websites can steal data from the visitors. So, you should care about your privacy and security.

But still, you want to use it then it is your own choice.

Top Putolocker or Putlockers Plus Alternative Platforms [Free]

123Movies – Watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Russian and Korean Movies

When you try to find online streaming websites on the internet then you will get many blog posts that would have suggested more than 100 Online Streaming Websites. But are they really work? No. But 123Movies is the really awesome website that works actually.

But finding, 123Movies website can be a bit difficult for us but not impossible. The website 123Movies has the largest collection of Hollywood Movies. On the 123Movies website, you will get almost every genre of the movies. It has content for all the audiences like Action Lovers, Romance Lovers, Drama Movies Lovers, and Sci-fi Movies Lovers. Finding your favorite movie on 123Movies is not difficult at all. If you know the exact name and correct spelling of the movie then you can search it using search form that is available on the website 123Movies.

123Movies- Online Streaming Site

When you open 123movies.co website then on the main page you will get some categories to select like Movies and TV Shows. Now select movie or TV Shows option whatever you want to stream.

Suppose, you have selected Movies Option then you will get a big list of movie names and posters with pagination. On every page there are 40 movies are listed and there are 940 pages on the website while writing this article.

On the homepage of the 123movies website, there is a big search box. You can search for movies using the search box also. But while using this feature, you need to be a little bit careful about the spelling of the name. If you make a spelling mistake then the form will not work correctly.

Menu options on 123Movies

Visiters get three menu options on the website-

  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Genres

TV Shows – If you land into the TV Shows category then you will get a big list of TV Shows. 123Movies has more than 5,400 TV Shows and Web Series which is the largest number of tv shows that are available on any online streaming platform. When you select any TV Shows to stream, you get two option 1. Stream in HD and 2. Get it in HD into your device.

Also, you get the option to select the season of the TV shows and episodes also. You can stream online any TV shows that are available on 123Movies.

Movies- 123movies has just the biggest movie collection. You can stream any movie that is available on the website. If I tell you the number of movies then you may not believe it because it is 37,600. Isn’t it a huge collection?

Genres– This is the best menu option on the website because find any single genre of the movies from the list of 37,600 movies is really difficult. So, the ‘Genres’ category will help you to extract the movies of any genre. This means if the website has 37,600 movies whereas 200 movies are science fiction then you will not have waste Science Fiction movies from the list of 37,000+ but using Genres menu option you can extract that 200 Sci-Fi movies withing a second.

So, you can use 123Movies if you are unable to access the Putlockers website. 123 Movies is the best Putlcokers alternative in terms of everything.

FMovies Free Online Streaming Platform

If 123Movies is not working for you then you can try FMovies. It is another biggest platform for streaming movies, web series and TV Shows. Fmovies is the largest free online platform for watching movies and TV Shows. From countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK the website gets more than 1.5 Million hits on the website.

Watching free movies online has become a bit expensive. So, people are trying to find new platforms that provide free streaming services. So, In such a case you are trying to find an online streaming platform or Putlocker alternative then you should definitely try FMovies Online Movie Streaming Platform.


Why you should try FMovies?

You may want to know why should you try Fmovies? Well, the answer is so simple. The Amazing features and the big movies, web series and TV Shows library make it a great platform. So, you should definitely try the platform.

Some Great Features of FMovies

There are many online streaming sites with a huge collection of movies and TV Shows but only a few have are convenient for the users in order to use it. FMovies is designed in such a way that could be useful to in order to find any movie on the website.

The website has divided movies in many categories and it is added on the navigation menu which can be used by users to find their favorite movies easily.

  • Genre
  • Country
  • TV Series
  • Top IMDb
  • A-Z list

Popcornflix – A working Putlocker Alternative [No Sign-up or Login Needed]

It may be hard for you to find website that is actually working at the present moment. But Popcornflix is the site that has working continuously after when I was made available on the Internet. You can find Popcornflix website very easily on the internet even if you do not know the exact URL of the website.

When you search for the term “Popcornflix’ on Google then the t or second URL in the search result list would be popcormflix.com. It is not so hard to find the working website of porcornflix.

Popcornflix - A working Putlocker Alternative

The best news for you about Popcornflix if that you do not need to register yourself or login to the website in order to stream Movies, TV Series or Web Series. Also, you do not need to buy any subscription to watch web series on any video on Popcornflix.

Popcornflix Mobile App

There is no official or unofficial mobile app for putlocker, 123Movies, or Fmovies but you can find a mobile app for Popcornflix. The mobile app of the platform contains a huge collection of movies as it is available on the web platform. You can use any of these to the platform for streaming your favorite web series, tv programs or movies. Mobile and Web both popcornflix’s platforms are free of any cost.

You may not find Popcornflix Mobile App on Google Play store because it contains some pirated content. Google does not allow publishers to publish an App on Google play store that contains pirated material.

Update: Popcornflix is now available on Google Playstore. Click Here to Install

Problem With Popcornflix

Videos on Popcornflix are not allowed to play in some Asian countries like India and Pakistan. But if you are from India but want to watch videos on pocronflix.com then you can use some tricks to play the video.

When you try to play video on Popcornflix from India then you will get message ‘This video is not allowed to play in your country’. Which means video is available to play on the internet but not from your country only.

So, what step you can take to play the video?

Well, there are two ways to access or play popcornflix videos from your country-

  1. Using a VPN
  2. Using Online Proxy Server

Play Popcronflix’s videos using a VPN- In General, VPN is nothing but a software program that changes the IP Address and the location of your device. So, you can change your device location using VPN software. If you do so, you will be able to play any video on the website. But make sure, you change your device location to counties like the USA and Canada.

Play Popcornflix Videos Using Online Proxy Server- Online Proxy Servers also work like VPN sofware. There are many Online Proxy server are available on the web. Some are free and some are paid also.

But for the purpose of streaming movies on popcornflix you do not need to buy the subscription of any Online Proxy Server. Kproxy and Hidemyass can be used for this purpose or you can use any.

There are many free VPN app are available on Google Play Store.

SolarMovie – Online Streaming Platform [Registration or Login Not Needed]

SolarMovie is another Putlocker Alternative that proved the same services for free of cost. Solarmovies has a big database of Hollywood Movies and English TV Programs. If you do not understand spoken English and you are from countries like India, Pakistan, China, or Korea then Solarmovies is not a great platform for you.

SolarMovie - Putlockers Alternative

Most number of video content on the Solarmovie website is in the English language. For streaming Hollywood Movies and TV Series you do not need to sign up or sign on Solarmovies. Most numbers of the website today collect data from users to make money from it. Yes, Nowadays Data is one of the costliest things ever and It can be sold for a huge amount of money.

So, to use solormovie you do not need to share your personal data to the website.


The website URL or domain name of Solarmovie have changed. Now, On this online streaming platform Indian TV Program and Web Series can be streamed for free of cost.

Now, most numbers of India web series are available on solarmovie. Generally, people have to spend good amount of money to stream these Web Series on paid stream sites.

Not just web series, but on the solarmovie there are hundreds of Hindi movies that anyone can watch from anywhere.

Solarmovies Mobile App

You may want to know if there is any solarmovie app is available or not? So, the answer is yes available but it is your responsibility to find out the Solarmovie mobile app that you have downloaded is not harmful to your device.

The mobile app of the solar movie is not available on Google Play Store yet but there are hundreds of websites on the internet that prove Solarmovie apk. Of course, the app is available but you should avoid using it because these apps can expose important or private data of your device.

Popcorn Time – Watch TV Shows and Web Series

Popcorn Time is also another Putlocker9 alternative. Popcorn Time provides an alternative to video streaming websites for free. This online streaming website is very popular all over the world. But in a few Asian countries, it might not work without Proxy Server or Virtual Private Network. Popcorn Time is one of the very older free streaming sites but a few years a got site suddenly got disappeared from the internet.

Why Popcorn Time Got disappeared from the internet?

Well, the answer is – It got removed by the government. If you have been using any free movie streaming or web series streaming site then you will be aware of the fact that these websites sometimes provide pirated content. So, providing pirated content is not legal stuff. This the reason the government blocked or banned the popcorntime.com website.

Popcorn Time

How can you find Popcorn Time if it is available on the internet?

Popcorn Time website is available again now on the internet but with a different name. So, it may be a bit tricky for you to find out the real popcorn time website. However, there are websites on the Internet that have a similar domain name and content also. But accessing a duplicate website can be harmful to your device. They can insert a virus or malware into your device or even they can steal data from your computer or mobile device.

So, be careful while trying to find Popcorn time website.

Popcorn Time website gets more than 4 million visits each month and the android app is also available on the streaming platform.

For the streaming services of Popcorn Time, you do not need to pay for buying monthly or yearly subscription. If I talk about the content on the website then I have to say, you are definitely going to find your favorite movies and TV series.

Popcorn Time App can be downloaded and Installed into windows computer. Mobile app for the Popcorn Time is also available. There is a Popcorn app is available on Google Play store but there is no proof that the app available on Google Play is official. You should make sure if it official and works well before you install it.


In such a case, you are unable to find Putlockers website on the Internet then you can try Potlocker9. It is nothing but online video streaming platform that can also be used for streaming TV Programs, Hollywood Movies and Web Series. When Putlocker Stopped working then Putlocker9 replaced Putlockers.

The Putlocker9 video streaming platform has also the same database that putlocker had used to be. Sometimes, you may not find Putlocker9 on the web because it gets disappeared from the search result.

Is there any app available for Putlocker9?

Unfortunately, Putlockers9 app is not available yet. But if you are someone who loves to install an app for the web services then you should try Redflix tv or any other streaming app. You can try the Popcornflix android app for streaming videos online. Popcornflix app also contains a big database of Hollywood movies, Bollywood Movies, TV Serials, and Web Series.

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