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10 Putlocker[.bz] Websites to Stream Movies and TV Series in 2020

Putlocker bz

Putlocker or Putlocker.bz is a free online movie streaming platform where movie lovers can enjoy watching movies for absolutely free of cost. There are a hundred numbers of online streaming websites are on the web but the only few among them are free and have great content.

There was a time when people used to watch movies on TV but at this time people have many more options. Now, we have a laptop, tablets, and mobile phone which is now a smartphone. So, using any of these devices you can enjoy watching movies. There are big differences between these devices and TV. If your TV is not a smart TV then you can not watch a movie of your choice. If there are 6 members in a family and 1 smart TV then it is not possible that everyone can watch their favorite movie at the same time. So, using platforms like Putlockers everyone can stream their favorite movie or TV show at the same time.

There is a list of 100% working 10 putlocker alternative websites and 2 Putlocker Sites in this article.

Putlocker [.bz]

Putlocker is nothing but a very popular online streaming platform that provides its services for free. But the problem with Putlocker is that in 2020 it’s very hard to find and access the website. That’s why many people try to find Putlocker Alternative so that they can stream their favorite web series or TV program online. We have also written a complete article about Putlocker Alternatives. But if you are not interested in Alternatives then you can read this complete article to get information about the working domain of the online streaming platform. How to access it from anywhere in the world.

Putlocker bz

The online streaming platform Putlocker has more than 10K movies and 5K TV and Web Series. All the movies, TV Shows, and Web Series are freely available for any internet user.

Short History of Putlocker

Even though you can not find Putlocker on Google search result but there was a time when the Putlocker website was used to be in Top 200 Ranked sites. But there was also a problem with the online streaming platform that is, it was sharing pirated content for free which against the law. Then the website was flagged as a piracy threat after that government banned this most popular website.

How to access the Putlockers website in 2020? Can you even access the Putlocker website? Yes, you can but you should avoid accessing Putlocker, Putlocker9, Putlocker.bz, or other sites like Putlocker.

Putlocker.bz – A working Putlocker Website

Are you trying to access the website using www.putlocker.com or www.putlocker.co? if so, then there is no chance to access in 2020. These domain names are already removed from the Internet.

So, if the the URLs you use to access putlocker are removed then how can you access it?

Well, the answer is-

Use Putlocker.bz – It is the current Putlocker website that anyone can use from anywhere. Putlocker.bz has a huge collection of English, Hindi, Chines, Korean, Italian, and Russian Movies. Also, it has thousands of web series and tv programs.

Putlocker.bz gets more than 20 million visits per month. Most numbers of visitors on the website are from the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. However, the website putlocker.bz gets some hits from India, Pakistan, China, and Korea also.

What to do if Putlocker.bz is not working for you?

This website is working for everyone right now. But there is a chance that It may be blocked in your country or it is blocked by your Internet service provider. So if it is not working for you then you do need to worry because we have tips and tricks for you to make it work.

Use VPN to access it-

You can use VPN for Putlocker.bz. A VPN is an application program, you can use it to change the location and IP address of your device.

You may think that How a VPN will allow you to access Putlocker.bz?

Suppose, you are from Canada and putlocker.bz is blocked in Canada. So, if you use a VPN you can switch the location of your device from Canada to the USA. After. switching the location if you visit the same site you will able to access it even though it is blocked in your country.

When you try to access any website with your smartphone or any device then one request gets sent to the website’s server you want to access. And the request which is sent contains IP Address and Location of your device but when you use a VPN and change your device IP and Location then the request sent to the server contains the changed IP address and location.

VPN for Online Streaming

Best Free and Paid VPN for Putlockers

  • Turbo VPN
  • Tunnel Bear
  • PureVPN

All of these VPNs have a free version or trial version also. You can use any of these but Turbo VPN’s free version as good as many other VPN’s paid version.

Free-Putlockers.com – Working in 2020

Free-Putlocker.com is another 100% working online streaming platform. It may be hard to find this website in the google search if you do not know the actual domain name. So, you can visit www.free-putlockers.com for streaming movies, award functions, TV shows, or web series.

This website also contains the same database as the original putlockers website contains. It has a big collection of movies and web series.

If free-putlockers.com is not working for you then you can try to open it on VPN server.

10 Putlocker (Like) Websites for free Streaming

There are many free online streaming websites available on the Internet. Here, we have given a list of websites that could be used to streaming videos. All the 10 websites on the list are free. Most of the given websites do not ask you to register yourself before streaming but some of them may.

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All the given links are online and in working status, if any of these get offline then we will update the list with a new working URL.

Notice: Use these sites on your own risk. These websites may contain pirated content which is not legal to consume. These Streaming Service Providers can get blocked at any time.

Other Free and Paid Streaming Platforms-


Who does not know about Netflix. It is the No #1 paid online streaming. For streaming movies or web series on Netflix you do not need to pay a big amount of money but you can access it by pay only a few dollars.

Netflix has not got the huge popularity for Movies but It has got it for the TV Series and Web Series available on it. It is very popular all over the world because it has movies and web series in every language.

Web series like Money Heist, Stranger Things and Sex Education is trending right now. But the problem is streaming platforms like putlocker make available every popular Netflix Web Series for free.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a new online streaming platform. It provide same services like Netflix. As Amazon Prime is new platform so it has not got huge popularity like Netflix but day by day Amazon Prime is increasing the number of users. Just like Netflix Amazon Prime is also a Paid Platform for streaming movies and web series.

Unlike Putlocker Amazon Prime’s mobile is available on Google Play store. You can download it if you want to access Amazon Prime easily.


Now YouTube is a much greater platform than many paid streaming platforms. Nowadays, there are more than a hundred channels available on YouTube that is that have been providing every entertaining web series.

The number of channels that create Web Series is getting increase each day. YouTube creators are becoming a star and getting treated like celebrities in society.

So, on YouTube also you can stream great web series, short movies, and movies for free. Not just you can enjoy only but if you have enough talent then you can become a good creator also. And the best thing about becoming a YouTube creator is “It does not require a decent amount of money to create YouTube videos”.

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