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Twitter Is About To Add Some Amazing Features In Its Mobile and Web App

Twitter Going to release a new featute

It seems the Twitter company is working hard to compete with its competitors. That’s why it is bringing frequently news features for its users so that It can make users happy and attract new users.

The Company made some changes in the user interface in its web version in the month of July. After that, in the month of August, the company announced two major changes. The company added a searching feature in the direct messaging section.

Twitter Going to release a new featute

Secondly, twitter announced that the next feature would be message filtration. This means, now users would be able to filter messages of followers and non-followers. Isn’t it’s a great feature?

Now, the news is coming that twitter twitter going to add a message scheduler feature in its web version. So, now if you are a twitter user then you will be able to schedule your tweet.

Users were using third-party apps to schedule their tweets. Yes, it’s not like really new a feature for some users because they were using third-party apps to do it. But this is great news for every user.

Jane Manchun Wong works in the Twitter company as a reverse engineer who gave this news. Jane got a good response from users.

Some users are really very excited and they want to know when this feature is going to be launched.

A user asked Jane ‘Where Can I see this, Jane?

Jane replied- ‘The feature is unreleased at the moment. I’m also curious of when it will be released’.

What are the other features?

Well, Jane revealed Twitter is testing a full-size image viewer for its web version.

Well, if you are a twitter user then please let us know in the comment section which feature is going to be more useful for you and why.

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