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RARBG Proxy – Working RARBG Proxy & Mirror sites 2019

Unblock RARBG Proxy Mirrors

Are you trying to access RARBG Proxies, but sites are not getting open? Do you want to unblock RARBG Sites or looking for alternatives?

Well, you are in the right place.

This article is a tutorial in which you are going to learn how to use RARBG sites in 2019-2020.

Warning: Piracy of any kind of original content is a punishable offense under Indian Law. We strongly oppose piracy of any kind of content. This article is only for informational purpose.
Again we would like to tell you, using any piracy site is against the law and we suggest you not to access tamilrockers.

Do you know there are various ways to unblock RARBG when it is blocked or not working in your country? If you don’t, then here, we are to teach you how to use or unblock RARBG.

Always use RARBG Proxy to download legal freeware software or anything

Before proceeding with the process of unblocking RARBG Proxies, let’s have a look at ‘What is RARBG Proxies.’

What is RARBG, and What are RARBG Mirror Sites?

RARBG is a website that was founded in 2008, and the site provides magnet links and torrent files for various types of content like video, audio, ebooks, and software.

Why are users unable to access RARBG Proxy?

As we have mentioned that RARBG is a site that provides torrent files and magnet links of contents, and if we talk about torrent, then we can say more than 80% of torrent users use it for download pirated movies, software, etc.

RARBG provides magnet links of various pirated things; that’s why RARBG Proxy is ban in many countries. Some of the countries are like- India, Pakistan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Belgium, Bulgaria, Morocco, Indonesia, Greece, Finland, and Portugal, etc.,

How to Unblock RARBG Proxy?

Many methods can be used to unblock RARBG because RARBG still works, and it is blocked in some countries.

What are some methods to unblock RARBG?

Well, Let me tell you that you can unblock RARBG sites using such methods as using VPN, TOR Browser, Proxy Servers, or even you can use alternatives.

How Unblock RARBG Proxy using a VPN?

I can guess if you are unable to use RARBG Proxy, then you may not be aware of a VPN. Then the first question should be What is VPN? 

Well, we have a separate article on this topic, so I’m not going to define VPN here in a proper way. In short, If I say VPN is used when we want to change our IP address and location.

Yes, using a VPN, you can change the IP address of your device and location too.

How to use a VPN on PC?

Well, if you are using a PC, then you can add a VPN extension to your browser. Here is the download link of Browsec VPN for Google Chrome web browser – Add Browsec to your chrome.

Unblock RARBG Proxy using VPN
Unblock RARBG Proxy using Browsec VPN

There are some other ways to use a VPN too. You can download the VPN server and install it on your PC. The VPN I am personally using is ExpressVPN.

Note: ExpressVPN provides premium services. It means to use it; you have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription.

How about Android?

How to use a VPN on your mobile to Unblock RARBG Proxy Servers?

Well, If you want to unblock RARBG Proxy on your mobile phone, then you can download and install VPN apps on your smartphone too.

Just open Google Playstore on your mobile phone and search for VPN in the search box, you will get lots of VPN apps suggestions.

But, I recommend you to use Turbo VPN; it is free and one of the best VPN apps for android and iOS platforms.

Unblock RARBG Proxy using Turbo VPN
Unblock RARBG Proxy using Turbo VPN

After installing the app, Open it and go for free servers and then select a server there would be 7-10 server location names like USA, Canada, Singapur, etc.,

Unblock RARBG Proxy using Tor Browser

Tor is a browser, just like other browsers. Oh, wait, no, it is a lot different than others. So, what makes Tor Browser different than other browsers?

Well, Let me tell you – Tor Protects your identity and location.

Tor is used to stay Anonymous online, which means if you use the tor browser, then your traffic will send randomly through a network of servers before you get to the final destination.

So, in this way, you can use an open RARBG Proxy even if it is blocked in your country.

You can easily download Tor Browser from the Internet and unblock RARBG Proxy.

The official site of Tor Browser is https://www.torproject.org/ visit this site to download the Tor browser for any platform like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Unblock using Web Proxy Servers

Just like Tor Browser Proxy Servers or Proxy Sites are gateways between you and the Internet. It means when you use Proxy servers or sites; then your requests don’t directly send to the destination site.

What are some famous sites for proxy servers?

Well, there are many proxy sites over the internet nowadays, but the most popular proxy servers are Kproxy and Hide, my ass.

To use this Proxy server to unblock RARBG Proxy, find Kproxy or Hide my ass using Google.

Kproxy- RARBG Proxy
Unblock RARBG Proxy using Kproxy

How to use proxy servers?

Well, these are websites. So, open it, and you will find a URL box, paste the link of the RARBG site in it and click on the surf button.

After that, the RARBG site will get open on a Proxy Server.

RARBG Proxy and Mirror sites

If you try to find RARBG Proxy and Mirror sites on the internet, you will find several, but these four sites on the list have been working for years.

RARBG Gun Blockhttps://rarbgunblock.com/
RARBG Mirror[.com]https://rarbgmirror.com/
RARBG Mirror[.org]https://rarbgmirror.org/

How to Download Movies or Softwares using RARBG Proxy?

  • First of all, you need to unblock the RARBG site using any method above in the article.
  • In RARBG sites, you will get a search box, find anything you want to download.
  • Then you will get two options to download things these are ‘Download Torrent, and ‘Magnet link.’
  • Use any method above to download movies or Softwares.

Note- Download BitTorrent or uTorrent client before you try to download things using a magnet link or torrent file.

Best RARBG Alternatives

Sometimes I feel RARBG is an overrated torrent site. Do you want to know why? Okay, Let me tell you, It’s a little bit tricky to download torrent files using RARBG Proxy and the user interface of the site is terrible, It doesn’t look attractive at all.

If you don’t find the RARBG site good enough like me, then you can go for the alternatives to it. There are some excellent alternatives are available of RARBG Proxy or rarbg mirrors.

The best alternative of RARBG is Limetorrent and torrentz2.eu.


Limetorrents sites are the best torrent provider sites I have ever seen. Using Limetorrent sites, you can download anything from Movies, Softwares, Games, TV Shows, Music to Videos.

And the best thing about Limetorrents sites is, their lovely and easy to use user interface. To visit Limetorrents, click here.


It would not be wrong if I say torrentz2.eu is the google of the torrent files. Yes, It is a search engine of torrent files. You can download anything from ebook to tutorials using it.

So, here, this article gets over.

I suggest you use a VPN while visiting torrent or rarbg sites.

If you have questions about it or having any difficulty, then let me know about it by commenting below.

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