What is a Computer? Computer Definition and Uses of Computer


In this article, We are going to share information about the computer like What is a Computer? Definition and Uses of Computer. 

What is a Computer

What is a Computer?

A Computer is an electronic machine. We use it for many purposes such as performing operations on given Instructions and Calculation.

The word ‘Computer’ is based on the Latin word Computare‘. The meaning of ‘Computare’ is Programmable Machine or Calculate.

A computer can’t do anything without Programs or a Software.

What is a Computer Program or Software?

In Simple word, A computer program is an Application which is made up of sets of Instructions. When a Computer Program executed, then Computer performs a particular task according to the Instructions in the program.
You may want to know, Who develop or create these Computer Programs? Well, There are Computer Programmers who design these programs using computer programming languages.

Types of Computer

As you know, Computers can have different sizes, capacity, and usages. Computers are categorized into some categories according to their power, sizes, and usages.

Following is the list of types of Computer:

  • Personal Computer
  • Minicomputer
  • mainframe
  • Workstation
  • Supercomputer

Personal Computer

It is a multi-purpose Computer which comes at the price, size, and capability that is affordable for an ordinary individual.

There is a short form name of the Personal Computer, and that is ‘PC’. IBM introduced the first Personal Computer.

PCs use Microprocessor Technology that makes the size of Computers small. Before Microprocessor was Introduced, The Computers was used to be very large, but When Microprocessor came in existence, It made CPU size smaller because with the help of this technology Computer Manufacturers can put entire CUP on a single chip.


It’s straightforward to guess what is a minicomputer by Its name, but We must explain about It. A Minicomputer is used to be smaller in size as compared to PC.

Despite being smaller in size, It has the same capabilities and features as PC.


A Mainframe is also a Computer. We use it for heavy tasks such as data processing and customer statistics.


A workstation is a Computer which is dedicated to professional works, or we can say Workstations are a special kind of computers which is designed for technical or scientific applications.

A Workstation can be used by an individual or a group of people for professional work, It’s also a multitasking machine, and It’s more powerful than a PC.


Supercomputers are very powerful machines which have been used for handling a tremendous amount of database or heavy Computations. In other words, Supercomputers are used for scientific or engineering applications.


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