About Us

Hello, Fact for Geeks Welcomes you, We all are surrounded by technology and to live in this era we are required to have technical knowledge and skills. Not just to get a job but we should have the technical expertise to use digital gadgets in our day-to-day life. factforgeeks.com promises to help our visitors in the journey of learning technology.

About Fact For Geeks

Basically, Fact Fore Geeks in a blog website. It was founded in December 2018. Initially, We used to publish posts related to mobile apps, smartphones, and computers.

But after one and a half years we found there are so many websites that are doing the same, we are not offering something different and more helpful content to our consumers. So, we decided to change our website’s category (niche).

So what do we do now?

Well, nowadays we are trying our best to help people who are learning Linux/Unix or Programming Languages like Python.

We publish content related to Linux server management. As we all know that Linux is nothing but a Kernel also some people believe it is an operating system.

We publish content for Linux-related problems and solutions.

About the Owner of Fact For Geeks

Deepak Kumar Singh is a Digital Marketer and the owner of Fact For Geeks. He is a computer science graduate. He has a great interest in learning computer programming. In the year 2017, He started his first website sarvintech.com where he used to publish content related to computer programming but he failed to make sarvintech.com a successful content publishing website. In 2018, he started factforgeeks.com.

Deepak Kumar Singh has been working as a Digital Marketing Executive and also provides website design services to his clients. So far, he has created more than 200 funnel pages for various products.

He loves to use Unix-like operating systems like Ubuntu and Arch Linux. When he was learning about Linux then he used to face lots of problems related to it. Then he decided to help the people like him who are learning Linux and facing problems.

He has done some Linux courses from some of the popular online learning platforms. He loves to fix computer-related problems and also he has good command over computer hardware.

He has also worked at HP as a Support Engineer.

Now he is on the mission of publishing more and more content on his blog websites.

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