About Us

Hello, Fact for Geeks Welcomes you, Today’s world most of the people are connected to the Internet and Why they shouldn’t? Because of All the Information in the world is available on the Internet. The Internet has made our life easy and Fact for Geeks is also here on the Internet to help you in making your life more easier.

About Fact For Geeks

Fact for Geeks is a blog website; Here, We share Information Technology related contents. If you’re interested in technology, then this blog will help you to know and learn more about It.

As you know, Technology is such a big subject. So, Covering everything about Technology is impossible for us that’s why we have set out some limitations for ourselves Regarding content we provide.

We Cover Following Topics related to Technology:

  • Computer
  • Mobile
  • Smartphone Applications
  • Internet
  • Programming

We also cover some other topics like Govt. Schemes and Status etc.

We hope this blog will help our visitors to learn these things. Also, We Request them to ask us question related to our subjects.