How to Uninstall Programs From Ubuntu

Are you a new Ubuntu user and you don’t know how to uninstall programs from Ubuntu operating system. well, if so then after going through this tutorial you will be able to remove programs from Ubuntu using both command (Terminal) and graphical user interface (software manager).

Let’s learn how to uninstall software in Ubuntu.

Before we proceed ahead keep in mind-

In order to uninstall or Install software from your Ubuntu machine, you need to have administrative privilege.

You may think what is administrative privilege and how does it work?

As you know, A computer can be used by any numbers of people. An operating system allows us to create different user for different person.

But what if anyone can make changes in important areas of the computer or a system? Like delete files, installing and uninstalling files, etc.,

It would be a bad experience for administrator of the system?

So, Linux allows us to get administrative privilege in order to create or delete files, install or uninstall the program from the system.

The user who has administrative privilege can make changes in any part of the system.

So, To Uninstall software of program from your Ubuntu machine you need to have administrative privilege in case you don’t know how to get it, then we have a separate tutorial on How to get administrative privilege on Linux.

Uninstall Programs From Ubuntu Using Command Line Interface (Terminal)

In Unix-like operating systems Command-line also known as the terminal is a very powerful utility. It can be used to perform any operation in the operating system.

Here, we are going to use the command line for uninstalling programs/applications/software from the Ubuntu Machine which also a Unix-like operating system.

Well, Let’s come to the point ‘How to uninstall software programs from Ubuntu using command-line interface.

In order to uninstall the software program from Ubuntu first of all you will have to check the same package name of the program you had installed and now you want to uninstall.

In order to check the name of the package, you will have to run the following command in the terminal of your system.

dpkg --list

When you run this command you will get the list of the same package name of the programs as well as the version details also.

Now, find the package name of the program you want to remove from your Ubuntu machine. And now copy it to your clipboard for further use.

Uninstall program from Ubuntu

Uninstall Program from Ubuntu using apt-get remove Command

You can remove any program from Ubuntu using the apt-get remove command but keep in mind ‘apt-get remove’ uninstall the program from the system but keeps the settings. When you install that program again into your machine you will the old settings and plugins that you had configured early.

Here is the Syntax-

$ sudo apt-get remove <program's-package-name>

Let’s have an best example-

Suppose you want to remove TeamViewer from your machine. You will have to follow the steps.

  1. Find the package name of teamViewer using dpkg –list command.
remove software from ubuntu

2. Copy the package name to your clipboard that is teamviewer.

3. Now run the following command-

$ sudo apt-get remove teamviewer

once you do this, you will be asked to enter password for the user. Enter the password and proceed ahead.

apt-get remove command for uninstalling programs in Ubuntu
apt-get remove command for uninstalling programs in Ubuntu

When you enter the password and proceed ahead then you will be asked ‘Do you want to continue?’

4. Type ‘Y’ and then hit enter.

Within a few seconds the program from your Ubuntu will be removed/uninstalled.

Uninstall Completely using apt-get purge Command

When you use the apt-get remove command to remove/uninstall software programs from your Ubuntu Machine then the personalized settings remain on your PC.

But if you want to uninstall the program from your system as well as personalized settings also you have to use the following command-

$ sudo apt-get purge <program's-package-name>

Lets have an example-

Suppose, you have Installed a Vim editor into your machine. And you have made some changes in the settings of the program. You want to get default settings again.

So, you want to uninstall the Vim editor using the apt-get purge command then you will have to execute the following command.

$ sudo apt-get purge vim
Uninstalling program in ubuntu using purge command.

When you run this command then you will be asked to confirm if you want to continue. Here, press ‘Y’ and hit enter. The program as well as its settings will be removed from your Linux machine with a few seconds.

Uninstall Software Program using Ubuntu Software Manager

Ubuntu is becoming more and more Graphical User Interface friendly. With Ubuntu operating system we get Ubuntu software utility. Using Ubuntu software utility you can manage software programs on your system.

You can install new software, you can uninstall or update an already installed software program.

In order to uninstall software using Ubuntu software manager find and open the Ubuntu Software icon from the activity toolbar of your Ubuntu machine. It is usually used to be on the left side of your Desktop.

Ubuntu Software Manager

Now open Ubuntu Software Manager-

Uninstall Software from Ubuntu using GUI
Uninstall Software from Ubuntu using GUI

Now you will get a list of software. Find the program you want to remove from your Ubuntu. And then you can see the remove button at the right side of the program, using this remove button you can easily uninstall software from Ubuntu.


In this tutorial you learned How to Uninstall Programs From Ubuntu using command line interface and graphical user interface. I gave detailed information about two must popular commands to remove software program from Ubuntu Computer.

  • sudo apt-get remove
  • sudo apt-get purge

Still, if you have any questions in your mind then you can ask them using the comment box. I will try my best to provide the best solution to your question.

Also, if you want to learn something about Linux which is not available on my blog website then please message me using the contact form or write down your question in the comment box.

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