How to Access E-Mail Using MSN Hotmail [Hotmail Sign In Guide]

This article is basically a tutorial article. In this article, you are going to learn many things about MSN Hotmail. Also, we will let you know what is the difference between MSN Hotmail and Outlook.

MSN Hotmail and Outlook

MSN Hotmail and Outlook both names belong to Microsoft. At the present time, Gmail is the most popular emailing (Internet Mailing) services.

But If we talk about past time, Then we have to say google’s Gmail was one of the popular emailing services. And at that time other popular emailing services were Yahoo Mail & MSN Hotmail.

MSN Hotmail

MSN is Microsoft’s property that provides communication tool also which name was Hotmail. Nowadays, The name of that communication tool has been changed.

MSN Hotmail was an emailing service just like Google’s Gmail.

Note: Initially, Hotmail was not the product of Microsoft at that time its name was used to Hotmail. But when Microsoft bought it then renamed it MSN Hotmail from Hotmail.

What is Outlook or Outlook Email?

Of course, Microsoft is one of the biggest software companies but it has a track record of changing names and confusing users.

Outlook is the latest name of Hotmail.

Yeah, Right Microsoft again renamed its emailing services name from MSN Hotmail to Outlook. But some people also call it Outlook Email.

So, We have seen what is the difference between MSN Hotmail and Outlook. Now our next topic is ‘How to Access MSN Hotmail Email’.

How To Access MSN Hotmail Email?

There are many people who had an MSN Hotmail account and they were receiving emails in that account but nowadays they are unable to find any such service called Hotmail.

So, their question is – How Can I access my Hotmail account now?

Well, We here to answer your question.

It is very easy to access you Hotmail Email today too. Here is the process of accessing Hotmail account-

1. visit or– The domain name ‘’ is redirected to It means when you try to access MSN Hotmail then you will be automatically redirected to Outlook which is the new name of Hotmail.

2. Sign in to MNS Hotmail or Outlook- Now you will find a Sign in button at the top right side corner of the website, click on Sign in Button.

Access MSN Hotmail

3. Enter your Hotmail ID and Password-  Now a Sign-in option box will appear on the screen. Firstly, Enter your Hotmail id and press next then enter your Hotmail password and then click on sign-in button.

into hotmail


Now you are able to read your received emails and send new emails.

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