Install Flash Player on Ubuntu

When you are using Ubuntu for the internet surfing you may have noticed that your browser is unable to play videos on websites this happens because your PC required to have installed Flash Player. Sometime, when you open any website in your browser you get a notification message ‘Install Flash Player and Reload the Page”. To fix such problems you will have to install Flash Player on your Ubuntu.

In this post, we will teach you how to download Adobe Flash Player and install it into your machine using some commands.

We will install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu. So Before you Install it you should know what is adobe flash player and why you need to install it.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is nothing but computer software that is being used for viewing multimedia content, streaming or playing audio or video in the browser, or executing rich internet applications. Flash Player can be installed into your computer, mobile devices, or in browsers (as a browser plugin).

As we told you rich internet applications require Flash Player to be installed. But Now a days, most of the Rich Internet Applications are using HTML 5 and the website which are using HTML 5 do not require any flash player. But there a few sites that are using old technologies such sites need flash player to be installed into the user’s device.

Install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu

In order to install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu, you will have to enable the Canonical Partners Repository of your Ubuntu Machine.

Canonical Partner Repository is used to be disabled by default.

To enable it you will have to open terminal on your system and you will have to run the following given command.

Enable Canonical Partner Repository

$ sudo add-apt-repository "deb $(lsb_release -sc) partner"

When you run this command on your Ubuntu machine you will asked to enter root password. Once you enter it, the process will get started.

When Canonical Partner Repository is enabled you will have to update your system.

Update Your System

Most probably you must know how to update Ubuntu System using command Line Interface but this post is for newbies also. So, if you are a newbie and don’t know how to update your system then run the following command-

$ sudo apt update

Once your system gets updated, you will able to Install Flash Player on your machine.

Install Flash Player by running the following command-

$ sudo apt install flashplugin-installer

Sudo is used to provide superuser privileges. It is compulsory to use sudo command while you are Installing, Removing, or making any changes to your computer.

APT stands for advance package tool. Apt is a free software which is used to install or remove software from various Linux Distributions like Ubuntu, Debian and many other related Linux Distributions.

Install command is used to suggest your system that you want to install a software package.

flashplugin-installer In simple language I can say, you are asking your system to install flashplayer Plugin.

You will get such screen if the software package gets successfully installed on your device.

[HDquiz quiz = “2481”]


In this tutorial, you learned how to install flash player on your Ubuntu Machine. Now a days, most of the websites uses HTML 5. The rich Internet application that is build on HTML 5 does not require it’s users to have installed adobe flash player in their system.

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